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                About KGIP

                KG IP Law Firm is a leading law firm in Zhejiang Province, China with 146 patent and trademark attorneys. Among the attorneys, 40 are qualified with certificate,5 are qualified lawyers, 5 are experienced former patent examiners, 2 are doctors, and more than 40 are double degree bachelors and masters. KG IP starts the new pattern of dimension, specialization, corporatization and integration. Our branches are in Zhejiang province, Hunan province, Sichuan province, Chongqing, Anhui province, Hubei province and Fujian province.

                KG IP offers one-step IP services, including comprehensive patent application, utilization, management, consultation, information utilization, infringement early warning, and trademark design, copyright application, protection and litigation.

                The total amount of domestic patent applications handled by KG IP is 50683, and the amount of granted patents is 38849. The granting rate reaches 76%. The amount of patent applications in other countries is 452; that of patent invalidation reexamination and litigation is 768. KG IP reaches TOP regarding the amount of patent application in Zhejiang province in 2017, and is selected as the 4th batch of national IP service brand institutions. The clients of KG IP are in Zhejiang province, Yangtze delta area, the United States, European Union, Korea, Japan and so on. Many of the clients are world’s top-500 companies and famous research institutions. KG IP has built IP business partnership with more than 40 international institutions.

                Being one of the providers of Alibaba China anti - infringement counterfeit innovation strategic alliance service, KG IP has already offered trademark services for thousands of dealers in Alibaba platform and become the excellent and professional law firm trusted by Alibaba platform. Besides, KG IP is outstanding in transferring patent technology and assigning patent results. The amount of transferring and assigning patent technology is more than $300USD.

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