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                June | KG IP in Lushan, Xi’an and Inner Mongolia

                Early summer in June, there are bright sunshine and singing cicadas. In order to relax the sparetime life of staff, KG IP organized 3 long journeys to Lushan, Xi’an and Inner Mongolia for members.
                June 7, some of the members went for Xi’an, the provincial capital of Shanxi Province, the start of ancient Silk Road?and the birthplace of Chinese culture. The first spot is Big Wild Goose Pagoda?and Temple of Great Maternal Grace. The Pagoda was built by Monk Xuanzang, and is the earliest and biggest?quartet building brick pagoda?in Tang dynasty. Then they went for Furong Park, Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors, Huaqing Palace, Bell tower, Drum towel, Shanxi Provincial Museum and Ming dynasty city wall.?

                Except for the history, delicious food is also the main reason to attracting tourists. In the 4-day journey, members tasted Chinese hamburgers, Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup, cold noodles, mutton shashlik, etc.

                At the same day, members in Wuhan Office started their 4-day journey to Lushan. As one of ten famous mountains in China, Lushan attracted our members by its profound culture background and humanistic feelings. They relaxed themselves in the great nature and enhanced the relationship between each other.
                June to August is?the best traveling time in Inner Mongolia. On June 27, at the beginning of children’s summer vacation, some of the members of Huzhou Office headed for the great prairie. The journey started from Hailar, across?the prairie, went through Erguna and ended in Enhe Russian Town. The members lived in Mongolian yurt, ate roasted whole lamp, dressed in ethnic customs and enjoyed a bonfire party. Along the journey, the sceneries are beyond description. Below the blue sky with white clouds, there are horses, cattle and sheep everywhere. Beautiful!

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