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Anger Lessons from the Incredible Hulk

When it comes to needing anger management, no one knows anger more than the green goliath, the Incredible Hulk. This green powerhouse has been smashing and wrecking his way across comics for decades, but in-between all the smashing and supervillain bashing, you can examine him for a lot of anger management tips and tools. He’s almost like a set of online anger management courses!

First, possibly the greatest lesson comes from the Hulk’s destructive temper tantrums. Despite all the anger, there’s still a lot of Bruce Banner inside of him, and this leads to the one thing the hulk will never do. Kill. Despite all the crushing, bashing, and breaking (especially when he fights the military or hulkbusters) it’s been confirmed repeatedly that the Hulk doesn’t kill, and there are never any casualties during his fights.

When you get angry, there’s always a limit. You might never hit a person, or never curse, or never break something. You often know your limit before you get angry, and it needs to guide you during those bouts of anger. The Hulk never kills, no matter how angry he gets, and that’s what makes him a hero.

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You can get angry, you are allowed to yell, scream, and storm offÂ… and that doesn’t make you a bad person. But if you ever end up crossing that line in anger, then you’ll need some outside help, because now you’re the bad guy.

The Hulk controls his anger, and he’s almost never angry without a reason. You need to be the same, because being mad for no reason will destroy you. If you are mad at a person, situation, or eventÂ… then get mad, but always come back with a cooler head and resolve the situation. The Hulk does the same thing, where the smashes stop and he just leaves, or is talked down by someone.