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A Few Fun Nursing Facts

Interested in a career in nursing? You are not alone. Many people enjoy the rewarding nursing career and choose this as their path in life. If you’ve already earned an RN degree but want a little bit more, why not earn your BSN degree? It’s a small step for a nurse, but one that has a number of positive attributes to enjoy with the chance. Want more information about nursing? Take a look below to learn more fun nursing facts.

Online Nursing Classes

Many people lead busy lives and cannot afford to make changes to go back to school full-time. For those people, online classes are available. These classes make it easier to learn the information needed to get your BSN Degree in Nevada without making huge sacrifices or changes in your life.

The Pay Scale

Nurses pay varies considerably from one type of medical facility to the next. It’s safe to say that your advanced degree opens new career opportunities for you in addition to more money. Expect to earn a minimum $20,000 more once you earn your BSN degree. That’s only starting pay, however, so it won’t take long to earn substantially more money in your career.

That’s a lot of Nurses

There are thousands of students enrolled in medical related classes and schools across the U.S. But, did you know that more than half of those students are enrolled in a nursing school? Although not every student is taking their BSN degree, they are indeed headed toward a nursing degree.

My Aching Back

What injury causes nurses more missed time from work than any other? If you guessed back pain and injuries, you’d be correct. Anyone who’s ever had a backache understands all-too-well how excruciating the pain can be and how it can devastate your life. There is little wonder why it’s a common complaint for nurses.

The First Nurses

You undoubtedly learned all about Florence Nightingale during your History of Nursing classes. She is a beautiful soul whom no one within the nursing field can forget as she is the founder. But, do you know the other ‘first’ nurses, such as Linda Richards, the first woman to earn a Nursing degree in the U.S.? Or, Mary Eiliza Mahoney, who was the first African American nurse in the U.S.?

And You Thought the NCLEX Was Hard

BSN Degree in Nevadaback pain and injuries

We won’t ever take away from the difficulty this test creates to hopeful nursing students but when compared to the Japan NCLEX (which is given just once per year) it is a piece of cake. This test is so difficult that only 96 of more than 700 foreign students have passed the exam in a period of more than five years.

Final Thoughts

Did you learn any new information from the list above? We hope that you did and if nothing else, you’ve at least begun to think deeply about the BSN degree. It takes a little time to earn the degree and certainly offers a plethora of reasons to take the steps toward advancement and success.