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How to Play an Instrument

For those of us who aren’t naturally musically gifted, playing an instrument can seem like a far-off dream. It just looks so complicated, no matter which one you pick! The piano has all those notes and keys, the guitar has chords and rhythm to keep track of, and using your voice as an instrument requires countless hours of practice.

learn to play piano tulsa ok

But there’s a secret to music that everyone (including this author) learns when they pick up their musical weapon of choice. Music is a skill, and skills can be learned. Do you know what separates the beginner strumming his guitar in his bedroom and the latest musician on the radio? A few thousand hours of practice.

That’s what it takes to get good in the music industry. That’s all it takes, you practice. Every single musician has had to learn the same skills, chords, notes, and applications that you are learning. Some might get it faster than others, but just because your friend began to learn to play piano tulsa ok before you did doesn’t mean you can’t.

Music is a road, and while some of us are further along than others, there’s nothing that can stop everyone reaching the same destination. Music is a journey of self-discovery and a love for the craft, and it’s a marathon of perseverance and dedication. You don’t have to win, be in the top thirty, or get the gold medalÂ… you just have to finish.

For many runners, even the people who finish last, all they care about is that they finished the race. Music and playing an instrument are the same, it doesn’t matter where you are going, as long as you finish the race. So pick up your instrument of choice, and begin your journey towards becoming the musician that’s locked inside of you.