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What is VPK?

The Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program (VPK) is a program that allows children who are 4 and 5 to go into prekindergarten classes. In a world where everyone places a lot of value on education, this is another program that seeks to take advantage of the ripe learning potential of the four/five-year-old brain. Most children’s brains at this age are conditioned to take directions and new information, and VPK shows the benefits of that.

Being in a school like environment earlier in a child’s life conditions their brains to learn and retain new information. That way, when kindergarten starts, your child will be able to not only excel but will also have fewer behavioral problems in the classroom environment. Depending on the state that offers the VPK, the years that your child will be eligible can change but are often dependent on their birthdate.

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If they turn 6 years old this year in Florida for example, they wouldn’t be able to attend this year’s vpk tampa session, because the state law says they have to be enrolled in school at 6. Depending on your child’s birthday, and the state laws for education, your child might or might not be able to get into a VPK program. It all depends on when they were born.

But if they are able to get in, there are several hours’ worth of teaching and studying that will prepare your child for the real world. It will also instill a love of learning in them, and help them become more successful in the long run, and what parent wouldn’t want that? Whether you want your child in the program is up to you, which is why it is voluntary, but it is pretty handy to get your child on the fast track to education.