Get Better Audio When Recording

When people make videos, they tend to think of audio as an afterthought. However, audio is what can make a video come to life. If you have been trying to get better audio for your recordings, you don’t need to know how to become a recording engineer to get improved results. With this short guide on how to increase the quality of your audio, you’ll see improvement fast.

Use a mic with high quality. The microphone you use may be low quality if it is a standard mic built into a camera or phone. They may pick up sounds you didn’t intend and ruin the quality of your audio. When you can, use an external microphone to pick up better audio.

Monitor sound while recording. If you have the ability to use your headphones while recording, then do so. They allow you to hear exactly what the camera is hearing, so you will know if there are background noises that lower the quality.

Limit the amount of background noise. When you are recording, background noise can cause all sorts of problems and make editing more complicated and tedious. Turn off appliances that generate noise, such as fans, or keep them away from the recording area. Close windows if you are shooting in an enclosed space to limit the noise of cars and other noises.

Don’t record with music. Music in the background can cause editing to become more difficult, as you will not be able to rearrange and cut clips freely without messing up the audio. If you want music in a scene, add it during the editing process.

how to become a recording engineer

With these tips, your audio will improve, and you’ll find editing becomes much easier. For better quality, use the best equipment possible and make sure to control noise in your recording area.